Friday, February 26, 2010

Busier than ever!

Life is so extremely busy these days.
This is the first time I have had any time at all to do anything and besides typing this my night alone is filled with homework!
Dementia, Tachycardia, Generalized Sepsis, Thrombocytopenia NOS, Senile Nuclear Cataract,
Alzheimer's Disease, Phychosis NOS and Abnormality of Gait
As well as:
Symptoms and Treatments for all the above
A little A&P thrown in there!

I get up for work at 6a (hopefully) get off at 3p
come home change,
see Alex for a few minutes if Im lucky
then to class usually until 9 or 10p!

Don't get me wrong I love having this opportunity and realize many people do not get to do this very often! I am also so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful supportive classmates every evening when Im at school! Who are all in the same boat together!

I dream of more time spent with my hubby and the days when we can just focus on our family a little!
He did spend the day with me today, driving around, talking and a little shopping/mall excersizing!
I love my hubby and am so thankful for him!

Work this weekend... followed by my year review on Monday at work and of course Clinicals :)

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