Saturday, February 27, 2010


I struggle with obedience, everyday of my life it seems.
Either I do not want to do what Im supposed to be doing.
Or someone else in my life isn't doing what they are supposed to be doing!
My husband and I decided that it's well overdue that Roxy needs to go to obedience school!
I know that it might be a little late of a decision but she has been spoiled rotten almost to the point of no return, so without further damage being done, it's TIME!

On the with the note of obedience...
Meeting our needs and goals of living debt free is working well for us,
"watching our p's and q's" (as mom would say)
is very liberating!
Maybe after we are both all finished with college and whatnot
our dream house will be a reality!

Counting our many blessings.... One by one! :)

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