Thursday, December 24, 2009

Old Post "Give me your eyes"

So many times I see the world as I want to see it. Usually in a negative way, not because I'm a negative person but usually because I'm rather impatient. Impatient with other people or maybe more so their actions or their attitudes. I know Im not free of actions and an attitude that is less than noble but its easier to see it in others rather than myself. I often pray to see others the way God sees people, with love and compassion rather than impatience and rudeness. It always amazes me to know that even when I fail God still sees me in His perfect loving way as His child. Brandon Heath's song Give Me Your Eyes always reminds me of just the way we should see people, with God's eyes. Some may say that's impossible but I know that nothing is impossible with God. I know that it will be a continual change in me that He will have to help me with every second with every day, but I truly know that I can see people in a different way.

I work in an assisted living facility as a nurse assistant, often times this is where I pray for patence and God's eyes the most. It's hard to just slow down and listen to the resident who can speak or learning how to speak in just the right tone so the hard of hearing can hear me, so during those difficult times, I pray for God's eyes, to see them as he sees them. His loving child who's nearing the end of the life here in this world and moving on to paradise with Him. The ones who have lost love ones and the ability to remember even their names or where they are. That could be me someday... and that gives me patience. That could be my loved one confused and upset someday... and that gives me compassion.

I know that God is working in me, which is a slow process but a daily one just the same. Im thankful that He's working in my life.

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