Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

It's officially new years,1-1-10. The day when many people will make a resolution to change themselves or their situations. The most common I believe everyone makes is to lose weight, however by June few can remember what their new years resolution was and most likely arent any closer to their goal than they were in January. Alex and I have made a few new years resolutions this year... eat healthier, spend less on temporary things and to grow closer together with Christ. They sould be easy to stick to, especially with the support we have by doing it together. We didn't say to lose weight however it would do us both good to do so, I don't really think thats what we should strive for as a couple because we just want to be healthy and most of that starts with what we put in our mouths. For our first full year of marriage I just hope to fall more in love with my husband and with my savior, If I achieve those two things regardless of reaching my new years resolution 2010 with be a great success!

Looking back on 2009... so much has changed since January 09. I moved to Cincinnati, planed a wedding, changed jobs twice, meet some truly amazing people, attended my first 100 year old birthday party, attended pre marital counsiling, moved to our townhouse, married my amazing husband Alex, went on two vacations to Gatlinburg, visited the hospital for the first time that I can remember as a patient, been extremely happy and always blessed beyond measure 2009 has been full of first for me and lots of new experiences all of which I am so thankful for! If 2010 is half as great as 2009 for me it will be an amazing one as well!

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