Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Is it healed yet??"

I say this several times a week, mainly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I go to the wound clinic for the dreaded wound vac dressing change, and when I say dressing I mean packing of foam into my c-section incision. The wound clinic is wonderful, they ooo and awe over my beautiful baby boy and say how amazing my husband is to take off work to take me to the appointments (praise God for FMLA) and for taking care of him while we are there but I am rather sick of seeing them! I never imagined when we were discharged from the hospital the first time (yes there was more than one, three to be exact) that I would be spending my entire maternity leave carrying around a wound vac rather than just my baby. I guess I never imagined going in for the second surgery either or how much more pain I would feel afterwards, considering I didn't feel much pain the week following his birth. Guess that's just how it is when things don't go as planned but the tears were shed by everyone involved and I had my moments where I lost it because it wasn't how we imagined it to be.

Back to the wound vac, I've had it for five weeks and tomorrow is the big day or well I hope it is where they say they don't have to put it back on! Was hoping to have lost it before Easter but that didn't happens so maybe this is the week!

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