Friday, April 13, 2012


I work three days a week now, or well that's what I like to tell myself. I changed my schedule at the beginning of this month to just three days but maintianing the 40 hour work week.... Or 56 hr work week as it turned out to be last week. I changed my schedule to be home more with my husband, to be the supportive wife he needs me to be, to have dinner waiting on him, laundry done and apartment cleaned so he can focus on just being home with me rather than worrying about everything we need to get done... It has been an epic failure for sure, but working hard is what I do. I love my job, just not more than I love my husband!

My work week has been full of death, training, med pass after med pass, paperwork and more paperwork, treatments, vital signs, arguement ending, tears, reminding, explaining, forcing a smile, accu checks, washing hands over and over and over again, charting, filing, cleaning, and very little sleep. 16 hour days turn into 18.... Yet I still love being a nurse!

At home is puppy kisses and wishing my husband was home from work, dishes, laundry and sunshine! I love being home especially when my love is home! Especially when we are cuddled on the couch watching a movie or two! I know moments like that will eventually be far and few when we have babies but for now we are just enjoying the wonderful memories we are making together!

Everyday I am thankful for where I am, the knowledge in my head and the ability to be who I am, who I get to spend my moments with, the hands I hold when they are passing, the tears I shed, the stories I hear and the blessings I receive because I get to do what I do!

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