Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I make mistakes on a daily basis, its just part of who I am.  Those mistakes are 95% small as being angry about something that's out of my hands or as simple as not smiling when I say "Good morning" to the love of my life, however, on rare occasions I make huge mistakes that hurt the person I love the most.  Now given I'm not saying those huge mistakes are life altering or detrimental by any means... it just means I'm not being the best person I can and should be to the man I've promised my love and to spend my life with. 

He is the type of person who is like ok... umm  whatever you didn't do anything wrong, but sometimes just being short with him eats at me until I say something to him about it... which usually goes something like "I'm sorry for being hateful earlier." He is always so willing to forgive me for my shortcomings it makes me feel horrible when I'm not so forgiving. He's pretty amazing like all the time! :)

We've almost been together for four years! I don't know where the time has gone, it seems like just yesterday I was meeting him at McMillan Manor for the first time in downtown Cincinnati but somehow almost four years have flown by and lots of changed, from moving three times to picking up Roxy our lives will never be the same as they were before we met! I sometimes suck... he's amazing all the time... and somehow we manage to make our marriage work. It's far from perfect that's for sure but we have each other and we're happy! I know it bothers some but it is what it is and well for now that's not changing! 

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  1. No one is perfect dear, but forgiveness is a key part of any successful marriage.

    God bless!