Sunday, May 29, 2011

Food for thought...

For as long as I can remember these quotes have hung in my mom's kitchen... it is so true that I couldn't help but to share it, although I dont know who the author is, along with some summer pictures!


The greatest sin... Fear
The best day… Today
The biggest Fool… The boy who will not go to school
The best town… Where you succeed
The most agreeable companion… One who would not have you any different from what you are
The great bore… One who will not come to the point
The greatest deceiver… One who deceives himself
The greatest invention of the devil… War
The greatest secret of production… Saving waste
The best work… What you like
The best play… Work
The cheapest, stupidest and easiest thing to do… Finding fault
The greatest comfort… The knowledge that you have done your work well
The most expensive indulgence… Hate
The greatest mistake… Giving up
The greatest trouble maker… One who talks to much
The greatest stumbling block… Egotism
The most ridiculous asset… Pride
The worst bankrupt… The soul that has lost its enthusiasm
The most dangerous person… The liar
The most disagreeable person… The complainer
The meanest feeling of which any human being is capable… Feeling bad another’s success
The cleverest man… One who always does what he thinks is right
The greatest need… Common sense
The greatest puzzle… Life
The greatest mystery… Death
The greatest thought… God
The greatest thing, bar none, in all the world… Love

Sometimes its nice to be in the middle of no where surrounded by fields, fresh air and cool breezes! :)

*If you happen to know who wrote the "Food for Though" please let me know so I can give proper credit to them! :)

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