Monday, February 28, 2011

Thought Salad

I love waking up to the sound of thunder and lightening with rain drops hitting the windows! It's a wonderful start to the day (well until the tornado sirens go off and force us out of bed) but other than that little part it was wonderful! I guess it's the little things lately that have brought me so much joy and gives me the hope and energy to get through the day!

I feel like I never see Alex and it's been a struggle for us lately to balance us time with everything else we have going on right now.  Our schedules are almost completely opposite for the most part or maybe my schedule is just too crazy for any sane person to begin to deal with! I work 36 hours and go to school 41.5 hours a week, sleep as little as possible and study whenever I get a minute.... Alex works 33-35 hours sometime throughout the week and does his school work online.  Here is the most amazing part though! We have only 5 days to go and my school work and study time will go down to 36 hours a week total! MORE TIME TOGETHER! I know Alex is as excited as I am!  I've already planned a little date night and since he doesn't read this on a daily basis he may or may not know about it until that day comes!

On another note... I miss my best friend! I'm ready to up and move to Oregon just so I can see her more frequently! No not for real as I don't like rain and mountains that are slick when it rains or ummm idk what else but I'm a homebody for some unknown reason but I am ready to go visit!

On yet another note.... I miss my grandma! Today has been worse than others!  I know shes looking out for me and her comments always seem to pop into my head throughout the day!

*The original title for this post was "thunder" but it went in a totally different direction! Welcome to my head this week! Much Love!

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  1. I miss you too!!! Like crazy! And... Didn't I take that picture? :-D