Monday, January 17, 2011

Another week.

Seems like the more I procrastinate the more busy I get.  School has completely consumed my life with paperwork, patients, tests, books and studying at all hours of the night.  It has made me feel like I make a difference for 12 hours a week in lives of others and then I spend several hours doing paperwork throughout the week reflecting on what exactly was going on.  On days like today though, I did nothing to do with school, took the entire day off.  That might sound crazy considering I will be getting up at 5am to study for a test at 8 but I was blessed with a day off with my hubby and since that doesn't seem to happen much because usually on his days off I am spending 12 hours at clinicals or at work and then I come home ready to crash.  I enjoyed today! I might regret it when 5 comes but right now I am just thankful for every moment of it!

Another week is here and it promises to be extra busy on the bright side this term ends in two weeks and then I only have 9 weeks left in the program!

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