Saturday, December 18, 2010


You would not believe the past few days I've had! For starters I will say if you don't like what I write, stop reading my blog! The end! Life is too short for nonsense and I will not be a part of it any longer! Now back to my last few days! We are in st louis for starters... I am rather enjoying myself at the moment, however last night was awful and not something I will be forgetting any time soon. I won't go into great details about the situation I will just say it ended by me walking out of the in-laws house. I walked out for three reasons... one, I didn't want to say anythjng I would regret later... two, I was no longer okay with the anger being displayed by anyone in the room... three, because I was mad at myself for telling alex we needed to come see the because it had been too long. I have never walked out on anyone in my life and I hadn't intended on starting but I am a firm believer and not saying things out of anger. So that is that... later alex and I laughed and he held me while I cried, it was the first time I've really cried like that in front of him... first time I've cried like that in probably five years. We got through it, enjoyed some imo's pizza and cuddled... just what I needed. He is now at his family's annual Christmas party and I am enjoying a vanilla latte at borders cafe.

The funny things that occured yesterday... or maybe so sad they seem funny now...
I am truly my mothers daughter... as I was walking out I almost fell on my butt... wet shoes,slick floor, me in a hurry..... Yikes!
Alex yelled for the first time since I've been with him.
My "lard" butt was thankful he left the car unlocked.
Making funny noises to make each other laugh.
Stopping twice looking for a cd on the way to kill time.
Singing forget you at the top of our lungs several times on the Way!
"If I was richer I would still be with ya, now ain't that some Shhhh!" Ahh love Some Glee music!

Hotel tonight in richmond for some rest and relaxation! Homeward bound!

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