Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun in Little Nashville, Indiana

Saturday I got up extra early and started my day.  We got a little bit of snow of Friday night so there was a little on the road but not too bad as I headed to my cousin's house and then on to my aunts where my mom and her would be waiting.  Let's just say we were later than we planned.  I think every time I go to my cousins I am at least 15 minutes late, so by the time we made it to my aunt's house we were about 45 minutes later than we had planned! Regardless of that we had a blast! 

Little Nashville or Nashville, IN... reminded me of Manitou Springs, CO or Gatlinburg, TN. The town was beautiful filled with tiny little specialty shops where they had just about everything that you wouldn't find at the mall or wally world, which was just perfect!  The four of us had so much fun going through all the shops browsing and enjoying each other's company!

I did buy a few things... a melissa and doug Joey pretend playset as Jojo's Christmas present.
Mom bought me these from the bare feet store.

I completely fell in love with this!  Now if only I could find one that is old and I could update... hmmmm....

I also bought this for Alex and I to enjoy... we have a thing for wine and I enjoyed this wine so much during the wine tasting that I just had to bring a bottle home for Alex and I to enjoy! Which we did last night with dinner and a movie... so now we have made plans to go back... for the wine of course! It taste amazing straight from the bottle but it also taste wonderful as Hot Milled Spice Wine! Yummmmmm!

The best thing of all was spending time with family but most importantly my mom! We may have been cold and our feet may or may not have gotten wet but it was nice spending all day with loved ones!
yes... every picture my mom seems to have her eyes closed!

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