Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I Blog

Love is not about what someone can do for you. Its not about them doing what you want them to do. It is not choosing when to love them.  It is loving them because of who they are and that alone, on their good days, bad days and when they make it difficult to love.  Love is unconditional.  Its not about what you get in return!

I love my husband unconditionally!
I love my family unconditionally!
I love my friends unconditionally!
I even love my followers unconditionally!

I do not write this blog to please others or get comments or followers.  I write it to write because writing is a huge part of who I am! I do not write this blog for people who I don't even talk to, to read and judge me, I do not write it as a way for them to know about what is going on in our lives because they are too rude to get over themselves and be a part of our lives!  I write this blog because I want to!

I do not judge others based on what they blog about! I like reading about their day and knowing their view on love, relationships, crafts and life in general!

I show respect to others and I expect the same back.  If you cant do that then don't read my blog.  I don't feel that is asking too much, however if you want to know about our lives and be a part of it then pick up the phone and be who you are supposed to be, a parent and friend! If you cant do that then stop reading and judging what and who you don't even know!

Also, I do not spend all my time on the computer.  My life is a little bit too busy for that! Between school, housework, friends, family and most importantly my husband the computer takes a back seat! I write when I have time, not something I schedule daily!

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