Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Job I Would NEVER want!

My poor hubs had a procedure done tonight on his toe. ICK! The podiatrist (yes this is the job I would NEVER want) was super cool and nice but well he touches feet all day long! Yes, I'm sure he makes really good money but ewwww and money isn't everything! As he was sticking needles and cutting on my loves toe was I just sitting there thinking oh my wow I could never do that for a living! Don't get me wrong I can handle lots of things in the health care field... I have watched women having babies and other disturbing things but feet everyday is just not something I can stomach especially if that means cutting and digging under nails and whatnot! 

Sorry I guess I should have posted a warning that this might be slightly too much information! On a bright note Alex's toe is securely wrapped in gauze and it looks like a smurf has traded toes with him!

Photo was posted with permission :)

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  1. I oculd so not look at feet all day haha

    Hope he feels better soon