Wednesday, November 24, 2010

24 Miles

So far this week I have worked out everyday... 4 days in a row and completed 24 miles! WOOHOO!  I feel so great, its not even funny! I may not have much more energy than I did before but I am certainly more productive with it!  Not to mention the hour and fifteen minutes at the gym everyday has been a good time to catch up on some reading for Medical Law and Ethics!  Considering the book just came and I had to take the first test on Monday without it and got an A, I'm not sure how much I really NEED to read it but its something productive to do at the gym!  The goal is to continue exercising everyday in preparation for our big vacation we are planning for sometime in late April or early May! I will not only be done with my nursing program in April but Alex will only have five months left in his masters program and a weeks vacation will be exactly what we need!

Now I'm off to make my grandma's dumpling recipe for tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to make them just the way she used to! This will be the first thanksgiving of my life without her there.... prayers greatly appreciated (not to mention mom is sick and in charge of doing the cooking! YIKES!)  I will be getting up extra early to hit the gym before eating turkey... if I wait till afterwards my exercise will only be in my dreams cause I'll be enjoying the annual afternoon nap!

Hope your Thanksgiving is great and full of many things to be thankful for!

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