Sunday, November 7, 2010

The coolest book ever! (For little boys!)

Saturday morning we had some errands to run about an hour away, close to my parents, so after the errands we planned on stopping to see everyone. It's a rare occasion that we go to my parent's without taking something for my niece and nephew, Sophie and Jojo! This Saturday proved to not be one of those rare occasions. My favorite thing to buy for little ones is children's books! (I promise its not because I love them myself and wish I could keep them all!) I like to buy Children's books (for little ones) because some of the most wonderful times I remember was when my mom would tuck me and my brother into bed and would read to us a book or two or three or four! Over the years I have blamed her for my love of reading! (Not that its a bad thing!) My brother even likes to read! (and hunt and fish and anything else outdoors, but that's another story) I have even rubbed off on my hubby who until after being with me over a year hadn't read one single book the whole time but now won't put them down! HAHA!

So back to the coolest book ever! Its a fire engine book called "My Little Red Fire Truck" by Stephen T. Johnson! I bought this book for Jojo of course! (Sophie got a set of Dora the explorer books in a little carry around box.) After giving the book to Jojo he could barely hold it! Its a big book! Perfect for use at a table, on the couch or in bed! Not good for little boys to carry around unless they have some huge muscles or are a little older!
This book is complete with a removable ladder, diesel pump, steering wheel, bells and sirens (don't be alarmed it doesn't make noise) and all the tools that they could need to make sure their fire engine is running and perfect condition!  All of the tools and little nick knack are removable and snap tightly back into place! Jojo had the most fun with the ladder.  He would run his little fingers up and down it over and over again as if they we little finger firefighters running the the rescue!
Jojo loved it! He did look at uncle Alex like he was CrAzY when he tried to talk to him on the CB Radio in the book! Some little boys just can't be fooled and Jojo is one of them!

If you are interested in buying the book check your local book store they might have it on sale (our's did!) or visit amazon!

*This is just my personal (and Jojo's) review of the book! I think it is great however the people who wrote it and have no idea who I am, nor do I get anything from this review!

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  1. My mom does daycare! She would love this.

    By the way My sister wants a scarf like mine haha

    she wants baby blue yarn with a pink ribbon. Would that be possible. I have several people who want to get them for their friends and family as christmas gifts!!! i am a walking billboard for you !!!!