Sunday, November 7, 2010


It seems to me that my life is constantly in a changing mode, nothing stays the same for too long. Which to some may seem like a wonderful blessing and to others crazy! I find it to be a little bit of both! Things that don't change: The love I have for my other half and our crazy little dog and the state of constant change. Things that do change: Everything else! (Or so it seems, that might be a little bit of an over exageration!) Over the weekend we had a little bit of a blessing and maybe a curse (only time will tell)! I have decided to finish out my LPN program, as much as I dont really want to, the long term benefits seem to out-weigh the me not wanting to do it. Ohhh and the fact that I just have a term and a half left it seems rather pathetic of me not to go ahead and finish the stinkin' thing! (If you can't tell I'm 1000% burnt out on healthcare!) So starting December 20th I will start back! (UGH a week before Christmas... seriously I dont think they know anything about a break at this school!)

I also have been offered this awesome job, that I have wanted since I started into healthcare. Well the job itself isn't too awesome but the benefits and future opportunities out weigh the not so awesome parts! Plus it is only 3 days a week (3 x 12.5hr = 4 days off a week!)! So on that note I will once again switch jobs but will still have plenty of time to do my craft stuff!

So Cheers to the future and many many many more changes along the way! What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!

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