Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aggravations & Ideas

**Sometimes I wonder about people! What are they thinking when they do the things they do?  Will they ever learn or will it always be a constant battle to be nice? I feel like I have to force myself to not say or do things that will make the situation worse but no matter what they continue to do CRAZY things! **
Excuse the writing between the stars... for those who know me well will know exactly what situation I'm talking about! (Please pray I continue to hold my tongue and do the Christlike thing in this situation!)

So I have been working on a couple different things! Playing with different medias in the crafty world.  I have to say my favorite is vinyl! It has so many possibilities!  I'm having the most fun playing with photos and turning them into abstract silhouettes. I'm working on one of the hubs and I... Post pics of it soon!

Silhouette from photo on pink polka dot scrapbook paper from the paper studio

Original Photo (Cousin's Baby M.)

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  1. oh my goodness corinne that is gorgeous!!

    by the way I wore the scarf you made me today!!! I love it