Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've been such a slacker lately with posting the giveaway for week 4 and since it is already Wednesday I'll be delaying the week 4 giveaway until Monday. 

This holiday week has got my schedule all screwed up and not to mention that I started a new workout regime this week as well! (Still not sure what I was thinking with that.... ohhh riiiight be healthy!... ugh!) I have already done over 9 miles this week and its only been 3 days so I'm pretty happy with that! How many days do I have to exercise before it's a habit and I don't have to motivate myself to go to the gym?! If that's even possible for it to become a habit! 

So to all my faithful readers... Please forgive me for slacking!


  1. can't wait to see what giveaway will be next!
    I'm seriously bummed I missed so many!

  2. Wow congrats on nine miles. I now the feeling. Motivation is soooo hard.