Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quit my day job :)

So today was it, I had had enough and lacking in the sleep department I made the decision to give my two weeks notice.  My day job consist of cleaning the same lady's house 3 days a week (shopping, running errands and assisting with a shower... but mostly cleaning over and over again), which is a totally of seven hours... if that a week.  The company I have been working for had some really great aspects when I started and it went continually downhill from there.  It started off about 3 weeks or so ago when I needed to change my schedule for school followed my rude emails, voicemail and phone conversations.  I in no way believe there is ever a need to be rude to people just because they aren't doing what you want and picking up extra hours, when they have been doing that for 3 months.  I also don't feel that's anyway to run a business and word of mouth can do any company in or help it to succeed!

I still have my night job... that I really enjoy so that makes quitting my day job a little less important.  I need more freedom and now I'll have that as of August 25th! Or well more focusing on school and counting down the days until I'm officially done!

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