Monday, January 11, 2010

Rough day

I guess it was bound to happen again, huge ordeal with in-laws again! I can't believe the things that they say... once in a great while I expect people to say things... however, last time I checked family wasnt supposed to but I guess you have to be considered family to fit that bill. So FYI to all the parents out there who don't like their daughter/son in laws... think before you speak, your child has chose to love that person and if you truly love them you will have to learn to love who they love! Be nice and if you cant do that, dont risk losing your child and their respect because you cant keep your mouth shut.

On another note... I was productive today with school work trying to keep my mind of their nonsense! However, I would have loved to enjoy 1 of my 3 days off this month by spending quality time with my loving husband!

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