Friday, January 15, 2010

Important things...

With everything that is going on with so many people all over the world especially in Haiti I have a heard time believing that I could complain about such a little thing as homework. Other people who have no place to lay their head at night, no food, clean water, or somone to love and here I am little old me in Ohio complaining about too much homework?! Seriously how pathetic could I be? So on that note... no more complaining from me! Everything happens for a reason and everything has it place and time in the plans God has made for my life! I know that it will be difficult not to complain from time to time but I hope that God will open my eyes to the times I do it and its inappropriate, which I think will fall under its not appropriate at all... ever!

I receieved an email prayer request from my the church I used to attend before my husband and I started dating and there was probably 10-15 request during the last week from this tiny church of people in need. I started thinking about everyone who wasnt included in the email of people I know personally in need and I can think of probably 50-60 people in need of something, whether it be a good report on a test, healing, salvation, work, guidence or just peace. If I can think about that many people how great is the need right now that people have... not to mention everyone in Haiti in need! It's huge! As God's people what are we doing to meet that need?? Donating, serving, going, praying? There's a need, we need to meet! If everyone did their part to help just one person... how great an impact we would have. Starting now, Helping people! :)

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