Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am struggling staying awake anymore! It's 1:22 in the afternoon and I feel like I need a long nap! No I didn't get up super early, I mean it was 5:50 am or something like that when my hubby nudged me awake so I wouldn't be late for my shadowing thingy! (The alarm is on his side of the bed... I have a tendency of turning it off when its within my reach, when I'm sleeping causing me to not get up... so the alarm is now and forever will be his "job!") I haven't done much today for me to be extremely tired! I do believe working 3rd shift has ruined me and my sense of sleeping time! Hmm I certainly hope that its just the 3rd shift change over that is causing me to be so tired!?!  Or maybe its just the time of year!? How are you all doing with this time change nonsense? It gets dark at 5:30... not sure how I feel about that yet but I'm not a huge fan!

I registered for classes this morning at a bright and early 6:15 am! Just have one more class to register for and I should be good to go! I had to register for two classes that I don't really need just to get my financial aide which I really don't agree with, they will pay for me to take 12 credit hours but not just 7? Not sure how that makes any sense because 7 is less than 12 obviously especially when it comes to the cost of each credit hour! Oh well only a term and half left!

This is post 99! Not sure yet what I am giving away but I promise it will be good and you will love it! I'm thinking maybe a ribbon scarf and a 5x7 silhouette of a picture of your choice! What do you think? Would you like that giveaway?  Let me know and if you have any suggestions please share!

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  1. I know what you mean I could certainly use a nap too haha