Sunday, November 14, 2010


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I love this time of year! Although, we seem to be having an Indian summer, its been nice! I love the changing of the leaves, the cool crisp air in the early morning, and the smell of fall!  It just smell so fresh and inviting, I can hardly resist the urge to sit on the patio with a good book and my puppy (in her sweater of course) and just enjoy the fresh air!  

(Borrowed from Houston Baptist University Website)
I am rather enjoying my weekend! I spent most of yesterday with my mom for some much needed us time! I love those days where it's just her and I! I know that I take it for granted at times to have such amazing parents but no words can describe how important they are to Alex and I! I don't know where we would be if it wasn't for them! One of our first big fights while when we were engaged (wedding planning and family issues are stressful by the way) they were there to give advice and to help us see what was really important and that was our relationship and our love for each other! I will never forget him driving to my house and sitting on the couch talking to my dad about what he should do.  I think that's when they truly adopted each other as father and son (even if it is son-in-law you couldn't tell).  To make matters even worse mom had already adopted Alex, they are just too much alike! (I still wonder if the people who caused all those stressful issues realize how strong that made our relationship?)  We are so very thankful for my parents being such a huge part of our lives!

I spent the other largest amount of time with Roxy this weekend (it was hubs turn to work his weekend) so movies and popcorn has been our best friends! I even bought her puppy corn flavored like Bacon and well to say the least I think she loves it more than anything else!

Alex and I have made time for each other of course, we always do.  Late night movies and sleeping in always seems to be just what we needed! Morning Glory was pretty cute, even he enjoyed it!

Now for this afternoon.... good book and fresh air are calling my name!

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  1. What a perfect weekend! parents really are wonderful