Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know it seems to fly so quickly and then its always back to business come Monday, but just the same I had a wonderful time!  I spent two whole days with my hubby! I don't think I let him out of might sight for more than 10 minutes! (HAHA I know what will I do when I have kids! I will need a few more eyes that's for sure!) I know to most men only 10 minutes of freedom would be like prison however I don't think Alex would complain!  Last week I think we only spent maybe 5 hours together... and those who are close to us will think that's just nuts and wonder who kidnapped the real us, but our week days are filled will pure hectic chaos and we see each other every chance we get which was just 5 measly hours!

Saturday we went to breakfast then back to bed since I worked 3rd on Friday night (which I gave my two weeks notice... long story but the short version is I had enough nonsense! + a few tears and that was the end... come November 5th!). We slept most of the day away sadly enough but headed to my parents that evening to have dinner (Alex loves my moms cooking... he says mine is better but I'm not so sure if that is true!) and then we did a little shopping at Alex's favorite store and I didn't buy a thing but he on the other hand did (comics... oh my where was the warning when we first started dating :)!) and then finally after a long night headed home... put in a movie (Just Wright) and cuddled on the couch!

Sunday we did nothing! I crafted (which I cant wait to reveal in my Etsy what I have been up to!) while Alex read and played on the computer in the office/craft room! Now I'm doing laundry and filling in on blogging! Oh the exciting life I lead but I have to say I had an amazing weekend doing very little with the man of my dreams, who just happens to be my husband!

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