Monday, October 18, 2010

Many little blessings!

Life is filled with so many little blessings.  I have to share that when I woke up today I had a message from almost everyone in my life who means so much to me! I had a voicemail from my hubby and my mom.  Text messages from my hubby and several friends.  A beautiful picture message from my best friend... the one who moved 36 hours away! (It was a picture of the bridge between Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA and was very pretty! Almost made me wish I was there.... Almost!

What wonderful things to wake up to! Not to mention the sleeping puppy under the blankets just cuddling away!  Ahhh how I miss sleeping at night! Now off to work I go!

Hope everyone had a blessed monday! I plan on sharing a craft tomorrow for a change in routine! :)

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