Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Dynamics

I don't think I will ever truly understand family dynamics! So many things go on between siblings and parents that I just don't see the point! I don't see the point in purposely hurting people's feelings and not feeling any remose for any part of it.  Disfuntional is more along the lines of my understanding! HAHA! I guess in some sense or another everyone's family is disfuntional but somehow through all the chaos seems to funtion like a well oiled machine. 

From seeing things in other families that I just don't understand and then seeing close families that are like best friends I have come to the understanding that its not about being on one side or the other its about finding the happy middle! I see things all the time and I tell my hubby "I dont want to be like them" or "look babe how wonderful is that!?"  (He just says "uh huh" but when he comes home from work with stories about what he sees I know he understands my statements even if all I get at the time is an "uh huh")

How do you and your family function?

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