Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Date Night and Adventures!

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Tonight my hubby is taking me to a sneak preview for the movie Easy A. I just love free passes that's for sure.  I can get him to see just about anything especially if we don't have to pay for the tickets.  I then of course will go to work at 11 as always.  I think this time I have an 8 day stretch before finally being off on Friday.

On another note my best friend is moving to Oregon in three weeks so we are going on a cross country road trip and then I will be flying home from Portland.  I am super excited for her and her new adventure but will miss her like crazy.  Sometimes I dream about just up and moving someplace else and then I remember my family and whatnot and Ohio is home.  I do believe I might venture to Colorado for a year or two at some point with my hubs for our own little adventure... after I'm done with school of course! (Oh how I cant wait to be don't with school!)

Hope your week is off to a great start! :) Happy Tuesday afternoon!

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